1.Contact us

Select the car you would like from the inventory page. Then push the “Contact” button to discuss your concerns with us. After filling in the required information and your requests in the blank space, send the mail.
We will contact you as soon as possible. ( Ask the custom clearance office in your country in advance what kind of cars you can import from Japan)

2.Negotiation (Speak English)

Tell us about your detailed concerns. Even if the cars you would like are not in stock in the inventory, we can procure a wide variety of cars from the auction.


After solving your concerns, we reach an agreement!


After reaching an agreement, we inform you about our bank information through mail. Make a payment in advance in that bank account. Once we confirm your payment in our bank account, we prepare for shipping the car as soon as possible.


The car you would like is shipped.

6.Original document & Arrival date

We send you some documents such as the invoice, B/L, Export certificate via a courier and notify you of the shipping/arrival schedule.