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Hello, welcome to the ALESS website. We are a custom car shop located in Gifu, Japan.
We sell custom cars as well as standard cars and trucks, and would like to share the appeal of a wide variety of cars through the ALESS WORLD website.
We really hope that you will find the cars of your dreams.


🔥🔥Happy customer from United Kingdom 🔥🔥 💖 Lexus IS 350 Upgraded to latest model looks 💖 new
🔥🔥Happy customer from Uganda 🔥🔥 💖Mitsubishi Outlander 2013 Model 💖 new
🔥🔥Happy customer from New York, USA 🔥🔥 💖Junction Produce Complete Toyota Century 1997 Model 💖 new
🔥🔥Happy customer from California, USA 🔥🔥 💖Toyota Land Cruiser 80 💖 new

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There are from cheap cars to good-looking cars. If there are not any cars you would like in the inventory, please feel free to ask at any time.
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