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We are proud to introduce ourselves as one of the top sellers in the market of exporting JDM Cars to all over the world.

AS Japan Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 and have become the experts in exporting best quality vehicles. Our company swears to deliver clean and reliable cars to you.

We are also specializing in all kinds of JDM Cars Export. Currently we have more than 700 luxurious JDM cars in our inventory as well as standard cars and have had an experience to receive the Gold Medal of 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon & Silver Medal of 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon.
On top of that, our company has many excellent & experienced auto mechanics having a national certification.

Our branch names are as follows:
1.ALESS (ALESS International, ALESS Street, ALESS Works, Auto Street)
4.TOP SPEED (Euro Yard & American Yard)
5.RUSIT Car Collection & RUSIT Performance

Also, we have access to all Japan Auto Auctions like: USS Auto Auction, TAA (Toyota Auto Auction), CAA (Chubu Auto Auction), NAA (Nissan Auto Auction), BAYAUC, AUCNET, ASNET, ZAA (Zero Auto Auction), Zip Auto Auction, MIRIVE Auto Auction, Nissan PlazaSol Auto Auction, Sapporo Auto Auction, Suzuki Auto Auction, Orix Auto Auction (OAA), Honda Auto Auction (HAA), JU Auto Auction (JAA), Logico Universal Market - LUM Auction, Kyushu Chuo Auto Auction (KCAA), ARAI Auctions, Isuzu Auto Auction (IAA) etc. and can buy any vehicle from any auction for you at the best price and lowest commission.

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Another big boy sold out to Nairobi, Kenya 💖 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser 3.5 ZX ★ALESS Complete Off-road Style Modifications with WALD Complete Bumpers, Body Kits & Wheels new
Gone to Bristol UK 💖2008 Mitsubishi Delica D5 ★ALESS Complete Off-road Style Modifications with lift up suspension new
Happy Customer from Dublin, Ireland 💖 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid ★ALESS Complete Custom with Lexus ES Looks Face & Body Kits new
Gone Vancouver, Canada 💖2005 Lexus IS 350 Version L ★ALESS Complete Modifications with upgraded body kits, wheels & coilover suspension new

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There are from cheap cars to good-looking cars. If there are not any cars you would like in the inventory, please feel free to ask at any time.
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